When you find yourself in a place like Stumptown, chances are you didn’t go there for a vacation. Your days are probably dedicated to earning coin and not a lot else. But by day’s end you won’t want to do anything more than to slake your thirst, kick back and relax.

These four Stumptown boys were born on the land, grew up knowing the good life wasn’t going to be handed to them on a plate, but they were told that if they worked hard they could make it. Outback towns teach you the importance of sticking together and that’s exactly what these boys did. They had a hankering for the blues and they knew how to play. In a small town word travels fast and it wasn’t long before they got a following.

Hound Dog Dave (Bassett) lead vocalist and harp player, Ron Kinson lead guitar, Martin Boyd on the four stringer and Rod McCosker on the skins.